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About kWhOURS, Inc.

kWhOURS, Inc. optimizes the building asset management process through its suite of data acquisition and cloud-based management tools. We are strong believers that existing technology can help operate buildings more efficiently, create comfortable working environments, and reduce energy consumption. Our initial products are targeted at energy auditors and energy service professionals. Their work is instrumental to making buildings more energy efficient, however they do not have the proper tools to be able to meet the growing demand of energy audits and other building assessments. The status quo of most building assessments is too cumbersome of a process and does not properly leverage skilled engineers’ expertise…until now!

Our team of energy professionals and software developers has produced intuitive, user-friendly apps and software so that our customers can more effectively deploy their financial & human capital, and save time and money. We understand the complexities and shortfalls that exist in the commercial building assessment industry. Be it energy efficiency, preventative maintenance, health & safety, LEED, etc., the demand for building assessments is growing. kWhOURS is helping to alleviate the bottlenecks by providing solutions that help scale the industry.

kWhOURS, Inc. is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA with an office in San Francisco, CA.

What are Customers Saying

I have found the kW-Field software platform to be a major advancement in the way energy audits are conducted in the field. kW-Field really streamlines the data input process with its touch screen data entry and visual navigation, direct import of photos and voice recordings with linkage to the area of the building where they were taken. It also allows the assessor to set up template models of commonly occurring spaces in buildings, which is a great timesaver on site. After the site visit, kW-Field allows you to easily create a report because all the information is exactly where it needs to be. kW-Field is the complete package for energy audit data collection."
Scott Zagrodnik, Energy Consultant
GDS Associates, Inc.

We recently put kW-Field to the test in auditing a large leisure resort. We found it to be an excellent,intuitive tool for managing a complex project. Our execution time was significantly reduced, along with the risk of data loss possible with conventional methods. The superb data handling capabilities got us through the analysis stage quickly."
Hans B. H. Hoogeveen, CEM
Efficient Energy Advisors

We implemented the kWhOURS software (kW-Field) solution to help us consolidate our energy auditing information into one convenient database and provide us with a consistent procedure to perform building audits. All too often when there are several auditors taking field information it is difficult to discern field notes. Was it 11 hours a fan system was operating at or 17 hours? Was that pump 15HP or 5HP? Also, by preparing the information in the kWhOURS database prior to auditing a building, it allowed our auditors to ask questions about the systems and how they interact with each other. This resulted in less second guessing about system operation after the audit. The beauty about this software is that information is entered once from which a number of reports can be generated easily and accurately."
Andrew R Lavoie, Senior Energy Analyst
MCW Maricor

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