kWhOURS: Partners: Tablets and Energy Services


Having a tablet-based workforce using our Products on-site enables you to get more out of each engineer. Our Products not only organize your site photos, plans, interviews, specifications, performance tests, and schedules of operation for you on the fly, they guide junior engineers through the audit process and help teams share knowledge about each facility. An ESPC with our Products allows for the instantaneous sharing of project data among the team, and provides seamless knowledge transfer from sales and auditing to implementation and M&V.

The result?
  • Lower project development costs because less experienced engineers can cover more ground independently
  • Fewer on-site visits because data wasn't missed or misplaced
  • More accurate recommendations because information wasn't manually transcribed from endless pages of notes into Excel

With kW-Connect, we can even help source sub-contractors for lighting, water, mechanical or envelope who use our Products, making it easier to integrate them into your project.