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kW-Field for Windows

kW-Field for Windows is our tablet-based data collection and management software designed specifically for commercial and industrial energy auditors in-the-field. kW-Field can cut up to 35% of the time and cost associated with conducting a building assessment. kW-Field accelerates energy auditing through a graphical user interface, resulting in standardization of data, higher quality audits, and consistent results across a broad range of auditor experience levels.

FIELD for iPad

FIELD for iPad, or FIELD, is a combination of an iPad field app and cloud-services that allow teams to be de-centralized and mobile, but more effective and productive than before. Companies now have access to automated cloud-based synchronization and aggregation. Reporting and merging are all moved to the cloud for greater speed and flexibility. With FIELD, you get all of the benefits that kW-Field for Windows provided, plus improved configurability to optimize your audit processes!


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We Offer Solutions For:


Standardize incoming data to help your DSM programs. Provide consistency among your contractors and internal staff.


Collect data more accurately while developing an ESPC project faster and more effectively.


Complete more jobs in less time. Competitively bid for work. Save hundreds of man-hours of organizational nightmares.

Facility Managers

Create a living document of your building. Track and inventory your assets from a centralized repository.


Meet increasing mandates and reduce energy consumption confidently.