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Oil refinery plant in the evening

kWhours llc is an energy consulting firm operating both nationally and globally. Being indigenous in the industry we carry over knowledge from our financial advisory and private equities background.

Image by Nicolas HIPPERT

Current management of kWhours carries over licenses and certifications used on Wall Street. Given current energy regulations in North America we find ourselves separated from the industry, deeming kWhours has no competition. We are a modern firm with over 25 years of combined experience demonstrating nothing but excellence for our clients. kWhours is licensed & bonded throughout North America. The firm manages over 25B in annual kWh consumption & over 5B in annual thermal units here in the United States.

Solar Panels Technician

kWhours has been successful in many other projects, including being the first to complete a commercial solar project in the Permian Basin. We oversaw and drove the project for back in 2014, the project is still recognized today. Other projects include grid sustainability for our overseas neighbors and allies. We’ve also launched campaigns to provide more resources to poverty stricken communities, including sponsoring children in Guatemala.

At this time we’re taking on new qualified client projects.  

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